Keepsake items

Every mum has a number of precious baby clothes that they cannot bear (excuse the pun ) to part with.

A keepsake item made from them gives you the opportunity to have them on view and cherish them indefinately.

I can make keepsake bears, animals such as elle elephant, flopsy bunny, droopy dog,



gangly giraffe and have ideas for many more!

( the photos show new items available to buy - keepsake items will be the same style but your baby clothes, therefore unique to you! )

Each pattern piece is hand cut to get the best from your baby clothes, then stabilised to prolong the life of the material. I can then add an embroidered letter or motif, add a trim ,or an embroidered bib etc.

The pieces are then machine stitched with double seams for additional stability.

Each limb is hand sewn on with a button joint,( extreem care being taken to secure firmly ) which enables your bear / animal to be posed.

The options are endless-you just need to ask!

They are a keepsake and as made from clothing  they are not CE accredited and therefore NOT A TOY. They look adorable sat on a shelf to be cherished.

I can also make a matching cushion or padded freestanding letter to match, depending on the amount / variety of material available. ( see nursery decorations for ideas )

I can also make a toddler dress or romper from one of Dads favourite shirts!


I am also perfecting photos on candles and keepsake quilts with a babies photo incorporated-please contact for more information regarding these.