Happy New Year!

Posted by Stephanie Field on

Happy New Year 2018!

Regular visitors will have noticed that there are now fewer hand knitted items ready made.

Over the last year I have developed tennis elbow in both arms. So I have  to lesson the wear and tear by no longer knitting for four to five hours every evening.

I am going to keep a stock of premature baby and new baby items ready to go but will knit other items to order.

But I will be still be adding lots of new items using my sewing and embroidery machines,  ( new baby bibs,personalised and memory items ) plus the nursery items and christening wear, as they do not impact on my arms so much.

So please keep popping by!

Stephanie x

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  • the Blanket that I brought from you for Olivia is great. Will send you a photo next time she comes around xx

    Margaret on

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